Features & Specifications:

  • 1mm white epoxy coated mild steel body, fully sealed
  • They are mounted to the wall by means of 3 screws with their corresponding 5 mm wall plugs.
  • They are includes a lock system with standard key that allows opening the lid for replenishment.
  • Frontal sight-holes indicate refill time.
  • There is no need to open the lid for the removal of empty rolls.

Weight: 2 Roll: 2.5 kg 3 Roll: 1.9 kg 5 Roll: 1.4 kg
2 Roll Dimensions (mm): Width: 130, Height: 270, Depth: 125
3 Roll Dimensions (mm): Width: 130, Height: 380, Depth: 125
5 Roll Dimensions (mm): Width: 130, Height: 570, Depth: 125Model Number: HD-CL-X2500



Our stylish bevelled front epoxy coated manual
toilet roll dispensers are ideal for any bathroom,
but especially ideal for public use.These lockable units help to prevent paper theft
and subsequently save you money on refilling them.
These toilet roll dispensers have the ability to hold
two, three or five toilet rolls, to cater for areas of
different traffic levels.

Model Numbers:
2 Toilet Roll Holder: HP-TH-0020SQ
3 Toilet Roll Holder: HP-TH-0040SQ
5 Toilet Roll Holder: HP-TH-0070SQ

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